I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Inspired!

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Screenshot: Me in my silent hill vrchat world.

Hey Tay!

Another week has passed, yet here I am again and wanna talk about Vrchat.

Or rather my project I am working on within Vrchat. As I mentioned before I’ve have been working on a world based on Silent hill 2 that anyone can visit in Vrchat. Most of this year I have not done anything on it because the unity project broke at the beginning of this year, and I just haven’t bother trying to rebuilding it until now. But started working on it again 2-3 weeks ago. At this point it is fully rebuilt, and has some improvements over the previous version. In some regards I could call it finished and move on. But instead of ending it I’m so in the flow that I wanna keep working on it. What started as a simple Vrchat world where you can just walk a tour around some of the environments of Silent hill has now a little more depth to it. I wouldn’t take too much credit for it, because most of it is all straight from the original games made by people far more talented than me. But I am proud of the ambient. How I put together many the elements from the games into something that can be viewed in VR.


What makes this interesting for me is that this is the first time I have been close to doing game design. I often analyse game design as an enthusiasm of the medium, like the few times I’ve written longer pieces here. But now I actually have to try make something close to a game. Of course, there is no goal other than allowing the players to explore areas from an old PS2 game, and little to interact with. But there is a lot freedom in just allowing the players to explore a large area with no clear stated goals. The enviorments are compelling enough that I think a lof people just want to see more of it. I find myself very inspired by P.T when I add things to the world. Which had very little interactive moments for the player, but is one of the scariest games I’ve played. I keep adding things that I know will not be found by most players. But for those who are willing to explore and pay attention they are in for a surprise. Examples of this are a street phone that starts ring if you pass it, or a small claustrophobic room that will lock you in for a minute and you will here the sounds of someone on the other side of the door. It can be a scary world to visit. But it in a slow way almost without any jumpscares or loud noises.

But I also see game design in other aspects than just creating horror. Something I’ve actively have avoided is giving the players written instructions on what to do. Often when you join a Vrchat world with some sort of gameplay you are often first meet with a wall of text about what you need to do. I think this gives a bad first impression. So I tried to keep this to a minimum. There is still some small instructions in the beginning to help people teleport to certain areas quickly rather than walking there if they want to. But other than that I try to hint things instead with the enviorments or items. Like let the lightning highlight points of interest, or add a sound in certain directions grab the players attention. There is also a map to help players unfamiliar with Silent hill 2 that they can take with them. But you are still required to find it.


Anyway, I am happy that I again work on something creative on my spare time. Feel free to visit my Silent hill world if you wanna experiance it yourself. It’s free to download, and no vr headset is required. Or don’t. That is fine to.

Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Mention an idea for a game that you would want to see. Or a sequel to a game that has not been unannounced and does not seem likely to come.
  • What would you like to work on right now?
  • Or talk about anything.

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