I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I’ve played a few games in my time, TAY. And I gotta say, every time I’ve seen a bard...they kinda look like clowns!

Maybe it’s the two tone pants? Is that what it is? Maybe ‘cause they’re all spoony? What is it about bards. My sister insists bards are bards and not clowns, and I’m thinking about jesters. But nay, I say. They’re all clowns. All of them.


Here are your suggested topics:

  • Are bards clowns? Or are clowns bards? This is an age old tale, TAY. They’ve sung songs about it. I’d like you to tell me a tale of clowns and bards in games—have you liked any.
  • This may not make sense to anyone but I have been playing The Witcher, as is my life these past few weeks and in it, there’s a bard. A few. They look like clowns. But the other thing that has happened is that my sister has taken to calling Geralt “Henry” because Henry Cavill is playing the character in the upcoming Netflix series. He is no Henry, my Geralt. Do you change your characters’ names if given the choice?
  • What’s the dumbest video game character name you’ve come across? Or maybe one you just didn’t care for.
  • Alternately, who has the coolest name that’s fitting their character?

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