I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Is it summer yet?

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Skeletor takes a break this week, and instead Calvin & Hobbes covers. If you haven’t read Calvin & Hobbes, then I am sad. Real sad. Read it.

Hello lovlies!

I’m still very much into VR. Although I find the lack of real quality games sad. I tried get back into Fallout 4, but after playing VRCHAT so much I find it really annoying that free game can have so much superior controls than a game that I payed 60 euros for. I eventually asked for a refund for Fallout 4.


But I’ve been really enjoying VRCHAT. It is a fun little oddity that I have a hard time describing what is appealing about it. It’s a mess in so many ways and the community around it I often find hostile. But ones you do find friendly people and start explore different worlds together in VR it is quite unlike anything I’ve played. I also find it more accessible to get into than similar games like second life that I’ve tried to play but just ended up confused with. Just last night I’ve spend the evening as an anime girl exploring a remake of P.T together with someone who looked like Deadpool. And despite how ridicules it all is it’s still pretty damn immersive.


A clip of me playing Vrchat with some Russian.

But regardless how fun Vr is, it also kinda scares me.Playing Vrchat especially I’ve meet people who I feel are very isolated within that game. One of my most serious conversation in the game was with a guy who I played with a few times. We were sitting by a campfire, designed for people to relax and chat with eachother. It is here reveals he has autism and prefers talking to people in Vrchat rather than meeting people in real life. It was a really good conversation about how awkward it can be to be alone and try get new friends in real life, a situation I can relate to a little bit although not having autism. It felt like he was aware that he probably should find a social life outside a weird video game so I just tried to encourage him to keep trying.


But it has kept me thinking, that if I can strap two screen in front of my faces to get a feeling of being in another world, I should probably not get too attached to it. That if video games could be addicting before, (Something I feel is a real threat within our hobby that should be talked about openly.) it can get even worst when/if VR becomes mainstream.

Therefor I am glad to say that even if I played a lot of VR, I’ve also enjoyed the warmer weather the recent days, and started doing exercise again. I’m also planning to get out this evening with a friend and make our own campfire and hang out. It’s honestly far superior doing that thing IRL than in some 3D world with anime girls.


But enough about me, here are some suggested topics to talk about:

  • What is your plans during summer?
  • Do you feel addicted to games?
  • Which weather season do you enjoy the most?
  • What is your favorite outside activity?
  • Or talk about anything!

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