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Greetings fellow life explores!

Last week I mentioned I was thinking of buying a Vive VR headset, but after checking the prices and really considering the necessity of owning one, I ended up buying one anyway.


Which has made my week very interesting. I don’t think I ever cursed every hour I have to work so I can’t be at home and play games so much. But I am so into it right now. I wouldn’t say the technology is perfect, but it has its moment when it really feels like I am in another world. I started with trying out Superhot VR which is a lot of fun, and then tried some Fallout 4 which is fun, but feels overpriced because how badly it is ported to VR. Especially the interface.

After that I’ve been playing a whole lot of Vrchat. But I am considering writing a longer piece about that here soon. So more should be coming on that later.

Although today I had to take a break from it. Using the headset is exhausting in some regards. But not in the way like motion sickness like I read a lot of people experiencing , I’ve actually can’t say I felt sick when using it at any time. But my legs hurts because every time I’ve been using it I’ve done so standing up because it feels more immersive. I do already stand up a lot at work so it’s been getting tiredsome. Also after using it so much I’ve felt that my eyes have been dry. So took a few eyedrops today. Perhaps I should check the settings more to see if I can decrease the light.

Is it worth the price though? That’s really hard to say, if you are a person that have the room for it and can make such an investment without cutting of way too much. Yeah it can probably be worth it. But that might be a small crowd. But if you ignore that and just look on what it delivers it is a damn awesome device.


So overall, I am really hyped about using it more and checking what more weird games I can find to it.

Anyway, sorry for keep talking about VR. Here are some suggest topics to talk about VR—-eh, I mean to talk about today:

  • What device makes you feel like we are living in sci-fi future?
  • What kind of devices or machine do you want from sci-fi or futuristic settings?
  • Uuuh, you can also ask or talk to me about VR. Just saying....
  • Or talk about anything.

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