I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - It is stressful to relax!

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Howdy Tay!

Oh, man it’s coming soon. Just 2 days left until I am going to Japan. Best of all my 3 weeks vacation starts half an hour after this is posted. Good times ahead! :D


... Actually, I am feeling rather stressed about it.

Even if I enjoy traveling a lot, I can’t help to feel “pre-trip anxiety” (I put it in quotation because this was one of the rare times I had to look up the English word for something.). You know when you are supposed to go somewhere and are looking forward to it, but because of that, can’t help but to feel awkward and slightly stressed about it? I get that all the time. When I read about it on the internet people often seem to relate it to a fear of flying. Well I don’t really have that, I can feel anxious going somewhere without taking a flight. Flying itself can be fun. Although something that does stress me about airplanes is getting to the airport. They are always far away, and you can miss a flight just because the lines in the airport were too long. So I have to be way ahead of time every time I fly somewhere.


But I don’t think that is why I mainly get “pre-trip anxiety”. (I am really hoping I am using the right word here.) I think it is because of expectations. You know when you have so high expectations about something that it creates stress? I can feel that about traveling. Because vacations and traveling is something we hype up so much. It’s not supposed to be just a good time, no, it’s supposed to be the best of times. So what if it is just adequate? Then I feel bad thinking about it, and then I feel worst because I feel bad about something I should feel good about. Hell, how can I even complain about any of this?!? IT’S NOT AN ACTUAL PROBLEM SO SHUT UP!

Although. Don’t worry. It almost always completely disappears as soon as I get going. Can’t wait! Really! I think at least all of this shows that I have literally failed at waiting.


Anyway, here are some suggested topics for this week.

  • Can you get stressed before journeys aswell? Or do you have similar issues? Like a fear of flights? Or perhaps becoming homesick and such?
  • Mention a bad event related to traveling. Like maybe you have missed a flight, or the airplane had to turn around land on some obscure airport? Maybe you went involuntary, like you had to visit a relative you hate, or maybe you just had bad weather where you went?  
  • Mention something that recently made you feel anxious.
  • Or talk about anything.

Cya next week!  

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