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“Greetings stranger!”

(Imagine that with Resident Evil 4s Merchants voice.)

I recently played “Finding Paradise”, the sequel to “To the Moon”, which if you haven’t heard of either could be called the pixel art version of walking simulators. That focused on story and character. Both games I recommend a lot. It was years ago I played To the moon, and getting back to the setting and character became rather emotional for me. It feels like I cry so easily these days, so saying I cried at the end of both games shouldn’t be taken as if I thought they are amazing beyond imagination. But I enjoyed playing them.


There is so many themes you could discuss in these games. Like I’ve been sitting here thinking about how well it handles mental disorders like autism. Which is a heavy subject for a lot of us and is probably super hard to bring up in a story like that and make it respectful. I almost feel dirty just for bringing mental disorders here up for discussion because I don’t wanna seem disrespectful or take it lightly. But then on the other side, people shouldn’t be scared about talking about it.

In my family for instance my mom was married to a man that we after around 15 years realized was bipolar. This is something he has never admitted himself despite getting treatment for it, and just being the prime example of what how bipolar affect people. (It was rather scary reading about it when you realized how on the spot it described him.) I would love to say how we as a family worked it out and how he and I still are in contact today. But thats just not how some relationship ends. But living with him at least gave me some experience in how it is to live with bipolar, and other similar mental disorders.

Thinking about mental disorders I always also get this feeling “But whats wrong with me?”, I don’t honestly think I have mental disorder, and no one has tried convinced me otherwise as far as I can recall. (But if someone does, I hope I have enough insight to at least consider it, or admit it.) But sometimes I find it weird how unsocial I can be at times, like being this secluded just doesn’t feel normal. Although another part of me thinks the other side of me is just looking for an excuse for why I’ve been single for so long.

So yes, in the end I did take mental disorders lightly after all. Sorry.

Anyway, here are some subjects to talk about.

  • Mental disorders, what is your experience with em?
  • Mention a game that that focus on story rather than gameplay that you like. Such as visual novels or “walking simulators” as examples. If you can’t recall playing any would you be against trying?
  • Or talk about anything!

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