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TAY: Open Forum - "It's Exactly As It Looks Like" Edition

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Thanks to Dangerous for use of the pics, and reminding me there are creeps in the hallway of my school.

Surprise, TAY! There’s a topic on Persona 5. Actually, the real surprise is that I had another forum drafted and it wasn’t Persona related at all. Maybe next week on that one. Or maybe y’all will never know.


You know what is known? The fact that I’m playing strange games and the side eyes I got from family who witnessed the great “Service” event of 2017. ::cough::

Persona’s rated M, and it’s the kind of game that without context, it’s hard for anyone without knowledge looking in, to not raise an eyebrow. Especially when there are panty-clad booties in compromising positions decorating the dungeons.

Last night I was spending precious downtime doing various events around town, and building relationships. You never know what sort of funny, not-safe-for-work or family-fun-time things might pop up, and boy did it happen. My sister got me through some weird Ann convos, and another more cringe-worthy event when the boys were being high school boys. Woof. It was hilariously uncomfortable for them. And for us. In real life.

Sometimes, things are exactly as they seem. Creepy.

I absolutely cannot wait for her to engage in more madness even though she has expressed that she really doesn’t want to. Sorry sister, but I need your knowledge for my upcoming exams.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Have you ever played a game with a friend or family around and found yourself in an uncomfortable situation: such as having to explain and defend whatever was happening in the game? Keep it clean!
  • Any creepy moments or characters in your games as of late? Who is your favorite creepy character? My new favorite headlines the picture in this article.
  • It’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich day. What makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Build one!

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