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Sometimes Skeletor just have to be blunt about things.

Sup fellows!

I recently bought and read “The life and times of Scrooge Mcduck”, by Don Rosa. For those not into the Donald duck comics it was an comic album about Scrooge that was first released in 1995, that expanded the stories about his life based on Carl barks previous works. I’ve always been interested in reading this comic because I am a fan Don Rosa and this is his most famous work. So when I saw that the Swedish translated version got a new release I bought it instantly. It was sold out the same day.


I do buy a lot of comics. And since I have drawn my own comics now and then I try stay open for new things.(Although not into superheros.) But it was a long time I was this into a comic book. I haven’t read anything by Don Rosa in probably around 15 years, and I was surprised how well the comics still holds up, and how mature the stories actually was in some aspects. (Except how he draws African and South american native people. I wouldn’t call it offensive, just dated.) I’ve read some parts of the book, it’s divided between different small stories, that was released individually in the comic magazine. But I wasn’t aware how connected they were to a larger story.

I actually got so emotionally invested in the comic that I shred a tear up for a certain part near the end of the book.

So yeah, I am 30 years old and apparently Donald duck comics makes me cry. I was not expecting that. But it was an enjoyable and nostalgic reading. ^^


With those important words shared, here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Do you read comics? What type of comics are you into? What are you currently reading?
  • What persons work would you consider yourself a huge fan of?
  • Mention a thing that you read/saw/played that made you cry.
  • Or talk about anything!

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