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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

When people ask me how I am, I usually reply “It’s okay”. This is often big a mistake. Because then they reply “just okay?”, or something like that. It honestly surprise me how people get scared if you answer that question with anything below “good”. Why is good the standard answer anyway? I would say most people live a pretty average life with a bunch of emotional luggage and a few happy moments. Most of the time we’re neither sad or happy, we just get by. So “okay” feels like a perfect average answer for me. Especially if you ask me on Tuesday morning and I just arrived at work. *hint*


So let’s go against those darn ignorant “good sayers”. And answer today’s subject a bit more honestly. How are you?

I’m okay at the moment. Right now I am sitting at home drawing waiting to go to work. That will start the exact same time when this is published. Speaking of work, I sent an application to a position I REEEALLY want, I sent it a week ago and waiting for an reply has felt like a limbo. I should know by now that I shouldn’t really put too much faith in individual application and get my hopes up. But sometimes you can’t stop yourself. So if next weeks subject is “Christmas sucks, and this world is shit”, you guys/gals will know why.

If you don’t wanna talk about yourself. Well... how about this subject: “Hasn’t the game releases coming in time for Christmas been unusually saturated this year?” 

I feel like there been so many big games coming out in a short amount of time right now. And considering that some really good ones hasn’t sold that well it feels a bit of a shame. I heard Dishonored 2 sales under preformed its first week and it would be darn shame if something happen to that series.


If you don’t wanna talk about games. Well... *looks around the desk* How about pens? Whats your feelings on pens?

If you don’t wanna talk about pens, well I give up! Talk about anything you want!

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