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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Good morning everyone!

Well, last week I was hyped for Mass Effect, but in the end I didn’t buy it at all. Instead I bought Nier: Automata. A game I’ve enjoyed a great deal.


Is it just me or has Japanese developers really step up their game lately? With Nier, Zelda and Persona 5 this spring, it’s pretty certain that for a lot of people the game of the year will be Japanese.

It feels like we not long ago discussed if they were completely loosing their relevance in the big budget games market. I know this is a very generalized opinion, there has been good games coming out. But for me personally it really felt like last gen consoles suffered from a creative drought from that part of the world. I recall back in 2012 with the whole silly Phil Fish controversy, I remember thinking that he kinda had a point. Not that all Japanese games sucks of course, but that the modern ones did in general. I wouldn’t claim I knew why. But I can speculate, that it could be because of the rise of mobile gaming in Japan, a bigger competition against western games, and simply because the industry was a bit too proud to change anything.

For me that changed somewhere with Dark Soul, it felt like it gave so many developers a new flush of inspiration and invest in different projects. Just in Nier and Zelda you can see the clear elements from Dark souls.

I want to mention this, because this is such a good thing for all of us. Even people who disregard Japanese games. A culturally diverse medium is a healthy medium, it creates a bigger platform for new ideas.


Anyway that was small thought from me. This is not at all related to that I’m about to start working full time. And because of a bigger income has been looking at flights to Japan during summer. No. Not at all.

So here are some subject to talk about:

  • The same thing I said above, pretty much. How do you feel Japanese games has been this generation and during the PS3/xbox 360 era?
  • Talk about Japan in general. Have you been there or planning to?  
  • Or talk about anything!

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