I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tay Open Forum - Kids and such.

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Sup Tay!

After spending most of my summer alone, I’ve suddenly been responsible for my teenage nephew for a week. It’s the longest time he has been at my place alone and I think he appreciate it, I do at least appreciate him being there. But he is an socially awkward sort, and he reminds me way too much of myself at the same age. A lot of the communication is me talking to him rather than the opposite. I would call it fun but demanding. Nothing really happens if I don’t suggest it. But if I manage to make his summer slightly more interesting than what I suspect it has been so far I am fine for that.


I have focused on getting him out of the apartment most of the time, but I have left playing VR open as an option during the evenings. Which created an interesting scenario on Saturday when I introduced him to Vrchat and let him play on my account with friends. All the suddenly he opened up. Like in a few minutes he talked more to the random people on Vrchat than he had done with me in 24 hours. I’ve seen this often in Vrchat on the other side, meet a lot of people who seem to struggle to talk to people in real life. And now I witnessed with a guy right next to me. I rather wish that it was with me he opened up for instead of random people on the internet, but he was having so much fun that I let him play it for the entire evening until he got sick of it himself. The day after I noticed I had a bunch of random friend requests for different people. Don’t think they want to play with me.

The whole thing makes me kinda feel like I am in a divorced relationship with a kid, and this is my week to having him. That might sound like a bad thing but I don’t really feel it like that. My parents were divorced my entire life. I don’t remember them ever being together. So I don’t mind some small insight of what that was like for them.


Anyway. Here are some suggested topics today:

  • Do you have kids, or have you take care of others kids in some way? Like a Nephew/Niece or vastly younger siblings? Do you think you will want kids at some point?
  • How would you describe your teenage self? If you are teenager, how is that shit going for you?
  • Or talk about anything.

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