I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Learning from games

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Ohayō gozaimasu!

Hows it going Tay? Last week I told you about that I was going to start an evening course in Japanese. I went and had a good time the first time. I’ve never seen a teacher working so hard. It was hectic so didn’t have time to mingle, but my class seems like a nice group of people. Looking forward to going there the coming weeks.


One thing I realize after starting it is Japanese is HARD. Like what the hell did I get myself into? It is not something is possible to learn in just 12 weeks. Like I was a bit going in thinking I could just learn how to speak it without focusing too much on the signs and such. But that was a fool’s errand. I need to at the very least learn Hiragana and after that Kana, and that is almost exactly 100 signs to learn.

Another thing I realize is that learning stuff today is damn easy compared to when I went to school if you are willing to put in the effort. Because these days of I am wondering how this Japanese word is pronounced I can just type it in google. Another thing that makes it smooth is that my Japanese teacher seems to use an app to give out most of our homeworks. An app I can test myself constantly at with the words she has selected each week. I wish half this stuff existed when I was in school.


I’ve also downloaded a game to help me learn Hiragana. It’s called Hiragana: Pixel party. When writing this I started to search for what people think of the game, and I was surprised to see that it was mostly between average or bad. While further reading peoples criticism I can see that some of it is valid. But still, I can say one good thing about this app, it does what it claims. It’s super hard and repetitive. but still far more enjoyable than it would be for me to practice Hiragana by myself with a notebook.

Playing it reminds me of when I was a young teenager that had just bought Biowares roleplaying game Neverwinter Nights. It was the first roleplaying game I owned, and one thing that game helped me with was improving my English. Before that I could read it on a pretty basic level. But this game had books worth of text, and when I was done with the singelplayer it pushed me out to the multiplayer where I had to start roleplay my character and make up things myself.


Thinking about all this I am starting to wonder, why am I not smarter? If games has this power to teach me stuff why isn’t it always teaching me things.

Then I realize that I probably spend too much time playing Vrchat.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Is there a game that you felt thought you something, or encouraged you to study something?
  • Mention a game/movie/book/tvshow that open you up to whole new genre. 
  • Or talk about anything.

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