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Found this image on some weird blog called http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com, have you seen it? It’s pretty weird.

Morning Pizza!

At the moment I am working temporary in another town. So I am only home at the weekends. This has significantly decreased the amount of time I can play games. Well, at least on PC, I brought my PS4 with me. But I really wanna play on my PC right now because I bought Divinity Original sin 2 last weekend and I am enjoying it a lot! It’s great! Do you hear that Meathead373? It’s bloody great!


Although to be honest, I didn’t get that much time playing it even if I planned my whole weekend to play games. Because people keep asking if I wanna play multiplayer games with them.

I feel like I spend a lot less time on singelplayer games these days. Because multiplayer games has become an increasingly social activity for me. This is overall a pleasant experience. I’ve meet a lot of new people because of it. Spending an evening with red wine and a game of PUBG with 3 friends is very entertaining. But it does mean I spend less time on games I enjoy more overall, and playing with friends it often becomes the same game for really long periods of time. For example Overwatch, a wonderful game that I think I would have appreciated a lot more if the game didn’t consume me as much as it did. Now I can’t even look at it and only play with friends if I am really bored. Left 4 Dead also became a game I spent way too much time on because the friends I played with had only had that game in common at the time.

Heck even while writing this I took a break and played “Golf with your friends” with a few people. Damn them! Just leave me alone!

So without further ado, heres some suggested topics to discuss today.

  • Which game did you play/are playing way too much of, to a point it’s not even fun anymore?
  • What game are you playing with friends at the moment?
  • Or talk about anything!

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