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Last week I had terrible, just terrible, case of of being allergic, so I was on the couch pretty much for 2 days. Which gave me a chance to replay Witcher 3 ones again. This was the first time I played it after upgrading some of my hardware on my computer, so I could play it on ultra settings. And man, what a thing, I gotta I was completely blo—- Eh, it was alright.


I find that I don’t really feel like a game usually running on medium becomes such a vast big improvement if you change the settings to full. I mean it’s nice, but not something I gasp at at every frame it produce at me. It is nice however to have a smooth frame rate, and having hardware that make it all seem so effortless so you can stream or switch between different softwares while playing.

But wow, what a nice game Witcher 3 is. I don’t really feel like I’ve played a game that can match its quality a few years later after its release. Perhaps Breath of the wild, which I liked, but I was more impressed by it than actually invested in actually playing it. An interesting similarity between them tha I did in both games was to turn of the compass. Because, especially in Witcher 3, they feel way too helpful and turning them of just makes you focus on looking on the world and helps you grow a curiosity of whats going on around you.

This time when I played Witcher 3 I also installed the friendly hud mod, and I don’t usually install mods. But this one feels like a part of the game ones you start using it. It adds 3D markers to where you wanna go so you have good sense of direction without the compass, and fades out irrelevant information when you are just walking around rather than having the whole interface on all the time. So the graphics stands out more. I really recommend using this mod if you are planning on playing the game for the first time, or are thinking of replaying it.

Anyway, whats going on with you? Here are some suggested topics to talk about this week:


  • Is there a game you feel like you can only play on the highest settings?  
  • Do you ever turn of the compass/minimap in a game? Do you have mod or other settings in a game that you have to play with or without?
  • Or talk about anything!