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I love Yokai Watch’s Nate. Look at his little stank face. Isn’t he cute? He’s not always giving hairy eyeballs but he’s so normal, it’s actually pretty nice. He’s just an average, sweet little child (no! He really is sweet. He just gives the side eye when warranted). He’s unlike lots of videogame leads who must have some sort of quirk to them, or let’s say one side to their personality that’s overblown, or a tragic backstory or something. Or you know, losers like Ash.


Not Nate Adams. Or Zarnyx Adams in this case. He fits in well for this very normal slice-of-life section of a smaller Japanese community. Normal. Except for the yokai running amuck in the town, inspiriting everyone and causing mild to severe chaos. No big deal.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Maybe this is something we’ve discussed before but who are your five favorite game protagonists?
  • Who are the five worst protags?
  • What side should I make to eat with these BBQ ribs?

Nothing strange about yokai

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