I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum: Looty McLootbox Edition

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Hey folks! How’s everyone doing today?

So I managed to play a bit of the Battlefront 2 beta and while I had a good amount of fun with it, it still has its problems. For me, I hated the majority of weapons in the first Battlefront, and while it seems to have gotten better with 2, I still didn’t enjoy the majority of weapons. That said we could only use two form each class. Also, the game modes seemed too short a lot of the time to be able to unlock the best power ups such as heroes. Unless of course you’re xXx_JediMaster420_xXx and are always amazing.


And of course, the goddamn loot boxes. I’ve honestly never really had an issue with them until the Battlefront 2 beta. All I can think now is how the multiplayer is going to be pay to win and it’s thrown me off getting it until it’s fixed.

Anyway, here’s some topics for today!

• What did you think of the beta? If you played it of course.

• What did you think of The Last Jedi trailer?

• What are your opinions on micro transactions?

• If the real world had loot boxes what would be in them?

• What’s your favourite side order?

Besides from that Talk Amongst Yourselves!

And here’s a song to kickstart your day!

Clearest Blue - Cvrches

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