I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hi Hi TAY! How was that long weekend for those who had it? HOw’s e

These past few weeks I’ve been going nuts trying to find something. You know that feeling when you just can’t find something, you know it’s around but you begin to wonder why the house ate it? That was me. This was driving me particularly nutty because it’s an item that’s highly collectible, meaning I’d never be able to buy a new one. In fact, if I didn’t own it, a quick glance at the internet makes it seem like it never even existed. The store that sold it no longer carries a product page for it. I can’t buy it on ebay. I dunno how many were made, even!


It may not seem like anything super special but as I love the series a whole lot, I would have been extremely upset had I lost them.

Trading cards.

But not just any trading cards that aren’t meant to be traded, they’re Hotline Miami cameo cards. If anyone bought the Gamer’s Edition of the games that were released in 2015, every package got a random selection of 5 cards featuring artists and friends/family of the Dennaton developers who made an appearance in the game. A small number of a full set of cameo cards (all 30 in one deck) were made after the Gamer’s Editions orders were fulfilled at request of the devs, and offered to backers of the Gamer’s edition first for purchase.

Illustration for article titled TAY: Open Forum - Lost Edition

Many of you who are on TAY now are too new to know it but a few months before HLM2 came out, I played the first game at the insistence of my Twinsie, pocoGRANDES. I became obsessed, and he and I, and TAY alumni E1 Salvador turned TAY into a Hotline Miami fan site for a few months well after the second game came out. By which we mean, we spoke about the series on a near daily basis. So much so, I put my love of the games in my author bio for Kotaku, where it remains, as a note to fellow TAY’ers who were in on the “joke”. And maybe I should change that now. Hrm.


It’s a great series, with great music, and all the things people tend to rave about when speaking about it. So when I couldn’t find those cards these past few days, it started eating away at me. In part because I love the series so much, in part because of their rarity, and in part because there’s nothing worse than losing something and being unable to find it.

Thankfully, I found them last night tucked away in some paperwork that I had kept in an important paperwork container for the sole reason of keeping a close eye on them. And yet! Ah well.


I promptly put them in a collectible spam (I love the smeat known as spam!) tin on my shelf I am not going to show you this week, although I said I probably would.

And so goes a story about nothing in particular. But for a moment, you all unwittingly participated bringing back the days of yore when TAY was a Hotline Miami fan site.


Thanks for playing.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to One, All, Some, or None will do:

  • What item have you lost that was important to you? Let’s reminisce, whether it be a favorite childhood toy or what.
  • That header image is from the Japanese HLM cover by b0neface, who is just great. I ordered a print from him of it when he did a sale a couple of years back, and finally had it framed. In fact, I had four of my many pieces framed this weekend—picked the ones that were limited prints in some way—and holy smokes. Copious amounts of money later... Man, I’m in the wrong business. I need to do custom framing! Needless to say, all my other prints/posters/whatever will be framed by me via YouTube tutorials because yeesh. Anyway, the questions are: do you have any cool prints that you love? If you could get a custom print done of any series, which would it be?
  • There has been one of those Twitter questions floating around again. So which games define you?

Going all in with this forum!

And for an appropriate song for my previous predicament [NSFW]

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