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Good morning Tay!

Yesterday I was on my first date in a pretty long while. It was nice! She was good talking to, and we will probably meet again. It also felt nice in the way that I had grown quite a lot since the last time. It felt less awkward, and after the initial nervousness wore of I was pretty relaxed. Pretty far away from when I was 18-20.


One thing that was really nice about it was that finally my time using tinder actually gave results. I’ve been using it for a long time and this was the first time I meet someone in real life because of it. I think however, a part of the blame is actually me. I lose patient with it. I do get a decent amount of matches I think so I guess I could get more result if I worked harder. But I just gets so bored with it.

Speaking of bored, I got today of after working during the weekend and I’m having an extremely lazy day. I lay in bed until 12, got some food and then played a few matches Hunt: Showdown with a friend. (A really fun game!) And I was thinking of doing something I haven’t done in years. Buy a pizza and have it delivered home.

I do like Pizza. But when I was younger I eat it so often so I lost my taste for it. I guess also living with little money like I used to do the thought of buying a pizza and have someone drive it to your apartment was impossible. But now I can do that. I’ve just come that far in life. Oh joy.

Anyway that is all I got today. Here are a few suggested topics for today:

  • Do you use tinder or other matchmaking software? If you are already in a relationship, how did you meet?
  • What is your favorite type of Pizza?
  • Do you often buy dinner or do you make it yourself?
  • Or talk about anything.

From “Paprika”, if you haven’t seen the full movie. Do it.

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