I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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For some reason kinja tells me I don’t have the right to post this. It’s just a screenshot I took Kinja.
For some reason kinja tells me I don’t have the right to post this. It’s just a screenshot I took Kinja.
Screenshot: Me

Hiya Tay!

Yesterday I had the honor of talking to a guy from Poland in vrchat. Since I am pretty interested in politics I asked him if he voted in the election. He said no. He had no interest in it. All sides seemed bad.


What strike me about that is what a international view that is these days. And how I don’t understand it. Now I wouldn’t say I know Polands political system of any real dept. So I am in a terrible position as a foreigner to tell a native to go and vote. But I do know that the ruling party, that controls much of the media, has a guy who said that “LGBT “Ideology is worse than communism”. Which makes me assume that a shy introverted guy who plays as a anime girl in Vrchat should maybe be a bit concern that his government might not approve of how he entertain himself.

I used to see myself as a cynic. But I realized that a cynic often replies to complex issues with statements like “It is all shit”. Which I feel is a gross over simplification of pretty much anything. Things are not just bad, the solutions are hard. But they exist. Like the environment. The truth is that we can right now save the environment. It is within a technical possibility. But the steps to do might not be what people want since it would pretty much reform a world where the majority relies on consumerism. Also a common general view these days is that we live in the worst of times. 2020 has certainly been a rough year in many ways by our standards. But we have really high standards in the grand scheme of things. Most of us lives in the safest human societies ever created. (Anyone who doubts me I recommend reading “The better angles of our nature” as a reference.) Even if we are still far of from “World peace” we have steadily progress in the direction that would make the 1960s hippies kinda jealous. I would say that in grand scheme of things, a lot of our unsolvable problems are solvable. And demagogue politics has within our history only offered temporary halts to steady progress. It just takes a tiny bit of effort from all of us.


Perhaps it takes a cynical world turn a cynic into a optimist.

Anyway... Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • So how would you describe your world view? Have it changed this year or recently? What caused it?
  • What makes you optimistic about your current situation?  
  • We gotta talk about Kotakus ads problem.
  • Or talk about anything. Hopefully a lighter subject. :)

I hope you all get to have a summer evening kinda like that photo in the video.

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