I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Marketing Schmarketing" Edition

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Hiya TAY! Another Wednesday. We got this!

Tomorrow there’s a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons focused Direct. One of the major components of my job is to watch a lot of trailers. Which is funny, I guess, since prior to this I barely watched any. How did I make informed decisions about buying games or seeing movies then? Articles, recommendations from peeps like you. For something like Animal Crossing, an already well-established franchise, I know I’d be getting regardless.


I’ll have to watch tomorrow’s Direct and it makes me sad. Almost feels like I’ll be spoiling the experience of going in fresh. It’s part of the reason why I regretted visiting my old New Leaf town the other day. Other than realizing my eye for design was garbage, I mean.

Here are today’s suggested topic(s):

  • How much media do you consume before buying a game? Do you prefer reviews or friends’ recommendations? Trailers?
  • What’s a game you love, revisited after a long absence and it didn’t hold up?
  • What’s a game you’d like to go back to but it probably won’t happen?

A song. It’s NSFW.

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