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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Oh right! I was supposed to do this thing!

Right at this moment (One day before publishing.) I am sitting in my moms home having a beer and watching the last 3 Harry Potter movies. (Which I have never seen!) But then I realize its Tuesday tomorrow and I still haven’t written this thing yet. So up with the Ipad and here we go. Sorry for any grammatic errors or if this seems rushed overall, hate writting on this thing.


A fun thing will happen almost the same moments you all are reading this. Gonna meet two gals who I only had contact with in voice chat before. Usually while playing Overwatch. We have been playing a lot of games the recent months and I told them I was nearby for the Holidays so we decided to meet at a bar with a video games theme. (Of course.) Looking forward to it!

This is actually the second time I meet people IRL from playing games with them. The second time was with a guy from Finland. We meet while playing Neverwinter Nights on a “zombie survival server”, which was a mod similar to Dayz in a D&D setting. I can’t even recall when exactly this was but it was more than a decade ago we meet and we are still in touch more or less when we wanna play something togeheter or just chat. For about 6 years ago he was in Stockholm with his family we meet a few hours and had burgers and beer. It nervous and a bit awkward, but we both enjoyed it.

So I guess thats this mornings subject: Have you ever meet an internet friend in real life? Did it go well?

Or talk about a date or something similar you have done using the world wide web.


Otherwise feel free to talk about anything. Like darn these Harry Potter movies are sloooow. I am falling asleep here! EDIT: Okay the last one had a better phasing at least. Nevermind! Talk about anything else instead!

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