I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ah, you’re too noisy, TAY. Shhh. I’m asleep.

Also, hi.

I’m here to tell you a story of Two Sisters, The Ho Sang Sisters. That’s me, and the only sister I ever had, Swan.


On a rare day off with no obligations, the Sisters began building the Kingdom of Evermore. One sister (the one that is me) fought most of the battles. Sister Two, the Swan, delegated tasks to the newly recruited citizens of the fledgling monarchy.

As is human custom, the first battle weary sister had to take a real life bathroom break. Whilst attending to her private affairs, the other sister spent all the currency the Kingdom made through careful management and battling—bolstering all the spells, defense, offense, and higgledies she possibly could.


This was all unknown to Sister One, as you may recall she was indisposed at the time. What you do not know of this sister but will be advised of now, is that she is a video game hoarder. Especially when it comes to financial matters. In the world of video games, she’s a miser. Pennywise, Poundwise. Scrooge McDuck.

Sister Two knew this all too well and made the decision to spend the money on the sly, knowing that Sister One would probably have lost her ever-loving mind.


A fierce stare down ensued upon discovery that Sister Two had spent all of Sister One’s available monies.

Thankfully, the hard feelings were swiftly crushed when Sister One, who previously tried to battle a rather scary skelly (and was deftly crushed), bested the beastie in combat on her next try—thanks to the spending ways of Sister Two. Without her sneaky upgrades, Sister One would have had to spend that money regardless for better equipment, and spells, and higgledies. It would have hurt her insides to see the precious money whittled away although an evil necessity.


In other words, it’s good Sister Two did what she did.

I begrudgingly thank her.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to one all, none, or some will do:

  • Do you spend recklessly in video games or are you a hoarder? Do you hold on to hope, like me, that you’d just pick up better items along the way to carry you through the game?
  • Which game have you had to carefully plan your money spending and did it hurt your insides?
  • When’s the last time you played a co-op game with a friend or family member which resulted in some fun but fierce stare downs? What happened? Did you get blue shelled in Mario Kart 8 or Hadouken’d in Monster Hunter, for example?

Sister One is still unsure if a lifetime pass was worth it, honestly...

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