I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Are we truly alive before we read the wisdoms of http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/ ?
Are we truly alive before we read the wisdoms of http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/ ?

Good morning, you Sushi!

Yesterday I went out and saw the Spider-Man movie. And I think that was the big point for me realizing I am really sick of the Marvel movies. Because here was a movie that did everything I would have loved 10 years ago and now I just felt mildly entertained from it. I don’t even have any good criticism for it, because the tone it wasn’t that much of a typical Marvel movie. It had it’s own style, and this more childish Spider-Man stands out enough for a character that already had several of movies. It was in the end a very well made movie. It’s probably more likely that all the faults are on me. I’ve been spoon fed this stuff for years by Disney so now I can’t appreciate it anymore.


I’ve had this theory when some people says the new Simpson is awful they actually mean they grown out of Simpson. Because as a big fan Simpson I was during the 90s/early 2000 I can’t really look back at that series as fondly as I can with other things from back then. Not that it has aged poorly, but the humor in does less for me as an adult. And even if the cartoon in has had its ups and downs between seasons I would say it’s maintained an overall quality to it. It’s just that its the same thing it’s been for almost 30 years and people are sick of that. But who knows, I don’t even know anyone that watch Simpson anymore.

Anyway, here is a list of suggested subject to discuss:

  • What do you think of the Marvel movies?
  • Whats the latest good movie you saw that you want to recommend?
  • Whats the one thing you are sick of that should stop right now?
  • What is your absolute worst fear today?
  • Or talk about anything!

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