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Good day everyone!

So recently I have been absolutely consumed by “Playerunknown’s Battleground” , which is kinda funny because when I first saw it it felt like a joke that another early access survival steam game could exist. (And with a really bad name.) But after seeing friends playing it on a stream it looked so fun that I had to try it myself. And it really feels like my type of multiplayer game. For someone who spent over 300 hours playing Dayz, Battleground feels like it has a lot of the good parts of Dayz, but is more friendly to new players and is less time consuming to play.


It feels kinda good to have another multiplayer game to be excited about after almost an year of Overwatch. Multiplayer games for me always feels like the fast food of gaming. The quick and easy meals you have between the fancy dinners you love and remember. That is not to say I look down on them. Just that I remember a lot of short games more fondly than my hundreds of hours of Overwatch. Despite that it is a really well designed game, by people thats probably more talented than those other games.

So I guess that is todays topic. Hang on to your pants. Time for the subject list!

  • Do you play Multiplayer games? What do you feel like you get out of them that you can’t get from a singleplayer game?
  • Do you prefer single or multi? Why?
  • Persona 5 comes out today! Getting it? Share your opinions about the game.
  • Now I am tired. So feel free to talk about anything!

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