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Me exploring a neighborhood in Vrchat.

Howdy Tay!

At the time of writing I am about to play Friday the 13th with a few friends. None of us have played it before but we got it cheap on steam summer sale. I recently played Pacify with these people and I am hoping that trying out a new multiplayer like this that we can get cheap will become a regular thing. There is something fun about hanging on discord and trying out a game together for the first time regardless of how good/bad that game is.


But honestly getting people to try new multiplayer games with you is hard. People tend to stick to one title like Overwatch or PUBG. This is a shame. I can understand that people don’t wanna invest in a game they seem uncertain about it. Although sometimes it feels like that is not the issue. Because free games or cheap games can still be hard to get people to try out.

For me personally I have play these games as a social thing. It’s fun playing the game itself, but I would not play a lot of multiplayer games if I wasn’t able to talk to friends while doing it. I enjoy games that keeps me actively engage just enough so I can also keep talking about other stuff while playing. Although any game can be fun with the right people.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics for today.

  • What sort of multiplayer games do you enjoy? Who do you play them with?
  • How are you as a person when you play with other people. Can you get easily mad an such?
  • If you could design a multiplayer game, what would it be like?
  • Or talk about anything.

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