I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hiya TAY. How’s the week so far? We’re halfway there. You got this!

There was a Nintendo Direct last week, and as is the norm with these things, suddenly a bunch of new games popped up on my radar. Or new to me anyway. It’s out of control but I’m still being trying my best to not get anything. Been pretty good about it!


But anyway, when the Direct hit, I was reminded yet again that I haven’t played Undertale. I’ve been told by many people that I’d love it. But I just can’t ever see myself playing it. You see, when my nephew was a bit younger, he did the things lots of kids do: watch Let’s Plays of games. Undertale was one of them and since I was usually around when he watched, I caught bits and pieces of the game.

I got the gist of what was going on, saw the character interactions. The result is that I have no desire to play it. At all. Is that sad? It might be. But that just means there’s one less game to worry about adding to a backlog that’s already never going to get finished. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind but it probably won’t happen for a very long time, if at all.


Here are your suggested topics:

  • What game have you not played but you probably should (thanks to recommendations, your own interest, positive buzz)?
  • What game do you recommend to just about everyone?
  • Pick a game you’d recommend to someone from 2019.

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