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Good morning Applepies!

For ones it kinda actually is morning for me while writing this. I’ve been having a cold since sunday so been staying at home. Been in bed most of the time playing Bloodborne, but if there is one thing that gives me energy to get up it is writing the open forum for all of you.


So after noticing articles about this and this game, it got me thinking. “I really wish there were more games that let you play as animals”. I don’t mean animals with humanoid features, that talks and behave like humans completely, nor do I mean super realistic survival simulators where you run around in a forest and eat other animals as a bear or something. I don’t really wanna be immersed in it like in a “furry” way. More like I see a lot of potential for interesting game design for it. Just fun games with characters and gameplay that are designed around the animal they are. Like wouldn’t cats be great for platforming and sneaking games? And dogs would be great in like a... Well a lot of people likes dogs!

I don’t even mean exclusively animals that exist. Like wouldn’t dragons be an awesome fit for an rpg? They have such a deep and variety lore in several of cultures. Think of game where you start as a newly hatched one then progress towards being that worlds equivalent to Smaug.

Of course there are games that does have these ideas. Although I can’t think of one that really nailed it. The best one I can think of is Octodad.

Anyway, today I think I’m gonna start playing Persona 5. I’m getting close to finishing Bloodborne so it might be a good time to take a break from to before I start the DLC part. So much has already been said about Bloodborne so I’ll just say that I’ve been having an absolute blast with that game.

My character dancing with her lovely partner.

Here is today’s suggested topics to talk about:

  • What is the best game you played a none human character in? 
  • If you could design a game based on a creature, what would that be? 
  • What is your favorite animal? (Yeah, I am running out of ideas here.)
  • Or talk about anything!

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