I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hiya Tay!

I remember watching that Ready player one movie, and feeling like the movie was made entirely for me. As a person who was born in the late 80s and grew up in the 90s I was there when a lot of the reference the movie makes were relevant. Also I’m a big geek, and can be a loner at times. And fitting for the movie, I’ve spent a lot of of times in VR recently. Pretty much all the movies topics were something I could relate to. This movie was me... I hated it.


I just didn’t get into the characters or the general plot. Those parts wasn’t terrible. But the movies constant reference to things just made the whole thing feel so cheap. The movie also came out at a time were making a bunch of video games references isn’t really new. Everyone is doing a remake or reboot of something I liked these days. Like it’s only tuesday but within this week a trailer for Sonic and Scooby do has been released. The entire movie industry just wants to please the 90s kid in me. Which was nice the first part of this decade but now it all just feel hollow. Despite our nostalgic feelings for it most of these stuff that the kid me liked are just junk, designed to sell toys in a happy meal.

Your probably wondering what my point of all this is, well there is no point. Just on old man yelling at the clouds.


Anyway here are some suggested topics for today.

  • What nostalgic comic/movie/game do you like that will probably never become a blockbuster movie? Would you like it to?
  • What sort of thing that you like would you want to have movie made of?
  • Okay I give up, what do you think of that whole Sonic redesign movie thing?
  • Or talk about anything... Actually I kinda liked that Scooby do trailer.

And don’t get me started on star wars.

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