I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I like to tell myself...things. That the built-in rhythm game in Splatoon 2 has shoddy control placement causing me to miss beats. That I no longer can sing a decent tune in Rock Band because the calibration is off. That I needed to import drums for my Japanese copy of the latest Taiko drum master game.

It could be that the problem is me and that I am no longer the rhythm adept person I used to be in my younger days. Rhythm games and I used to be the very best of friends.


Now my patas are mixed up with pons.

What even is my life.

For today’s questions:

Do you think you’re not as quick at games as you used to be?

What genre did you love but now you’re lukewarm about it?

Thoughts on rhythm games or fave one if you got one.

Plebbing the forum once more from mobile. T.T

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