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Hoy small fry!

These recent days I’ve been playing The Evil Within. I’ve heard so many good things about the sequel that I felt like I wanted to get into the series. After spending 7-8 hours with the first game I probably should have just bought the sequel directly.


The problem with the first game is that it is a horror game that completely devoid of character or build up. You switch to so many different locations in the game that you never really get into the atmosphere. And it is so weirdly written, the main character Sebastian doesn’t really talk much during the game and when he does it’s all obvious stuff, like “I gotta get out of here.”, and small comments like that. I just found it weird why he never questions the surreal reality he has suddenly been transported to. Not until like 5 hours in when he has been instantly teleported to several different locations he suddenly ask his partner “Where do you think we are?” and is given the response “I don’t know, but this can’t be reality”, Well, thank you game for pointing that out.

The game also suffers other aspects but I intended to keep my complains short and this is already dragging out.

It’s a pity. I can see the potential in the game. It has some great visual design, and the gameplay, even if it is imperfect, has some cool ideas.

Otherwise I don’t really have much to share today. I’m enjoying my day of after a bunch of really long days at work. I actually took some days of later in the week and going to a cabin this weekend and do some skiing with the family. So I can’t complain about much these days. Other than my graphic card has not arrived yet, and that Evil Within is not good enough.


Anyhow, anyway, here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Mention a thing that you wanted to like, saw the potential in, but in the end it didn’t delivered.  
  • What person annoys you, or has annoyed you a lot?  I know that the easy answer would be to just say “you” or “Trump”, but try instead keep it to people nearby you.
  • Have you tried skiing? Would you like to? 
  • Or talk about anything!

(Love this song. It’s probably been my most played one this year.)

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