I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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This week, we get to visit Skeletors home during a very pleasant day.

Wazzup milkshake!

Damn, december sure is quickly running away. I just realize that the next open forum for me will be after Christmas. And I see not point in doing a seasonal greeting when it is too late and everyone just wants to forget the whole damn thing.


I just actually booked my train home so I can spend time with the family. I didn’t know until today if I was going to be able to go home. My work needs people all the time, jails can’t unfortunately close down during Christmas. I was also in the beginning kinda hoping to get work then, good money in it. But eventually I feel pretty fine having a few extra days of.

One thing I’ve realized during holidays growing older is that I am pretty lucky in regards to my family. I like visiting them and spend time with them. Always at this time of the year you notice how many people around my age dreads it because of a conflict or a bad childhood. Some of those people I hold in really high regard how they have made it on their own. I mean I’ve had so much help from parents and siblings, and yet at times I’ve barley made it.


I wouldn’t say my relationship with my relatives is perfect, but every relationship has it luggage. But I can at least say it’s a preferable one.

So with that I wish everyone a happy holidays. Or if you are going to work or stay at home alone, a really pleasant day. Here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Hows your relationship with family and relatives in general? Are there people within it you’ve stopped having contact with?
  • How would you like to spend the holidays if you could decide everything yourself? As it is, or would you rather do something completely else? 
  • Or talk about anything.

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