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Greetings adventures!

As much as I know you all love my efforts to provide the best Tuesdays Open forum in the whole world here. You might be surprise to know that I often write these as a desperate last minute thing. Often because I don’t know a good subject to talk about the current week. This is one of these weeks and I am hoping this little rambling has staled you all for enough time for me to think of a good subject to talk about.


I must say being in a different time zone than the majority here is rather nice benefit. It means that when most people start commenting here I’ve left work and am back home so I can respond to your wonderful insight during the evening. It’s a nice way to end the day. So thank you all for that!

This flattery is also an attempt to drag this out thing out so I can figure out a subject to talk about. You see if there is one thing I have learned from working at jail is that manipulative people start with flattery. So if someone just arrived and is being overly nice to you, then I start to get suspicious.

Working in that environment can be hard, but lately I’ve been feeling that I fit in more than I used to. I’ve stopped giving a damn about a lot of things that could be harder to ignore before, and know what my work is and what I really need to focus on. That might sound like I’ve become cold and part of the “system”. But I feel more that I just can’t help the people who arrive there more than other what is related to my work. Which is quiet plenty.

This is especially noticeable when you have new people around you who stumble upon the same traps as you did a year ago. Like today I’ve almost had to force a colleague to sit down and take a break because so she went between different tasks so fast and wanted to help with stuff that is way outside our responsiblity, that if she continues she isn’t going to have any energy left.


I guess this to is also related that to that a whole lot is going on at work right now that we need to priorities by necessity to get things done.

But yeah, that is some slight talk about how things are with me. Here are some suggested topics to talk about this week:

  • Do you feel like you are helping people? How so? Is it related to your work, do you donate money or anything else similar to that?
  • How are things at your work/school, if you have none of that, how are things with you?
  • Or talk about anything!  

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