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TAY: Open Forum: "Ohh nooOOOo, The Onslaught Is Here" Edition

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It me. The person you thought abandoned you but didn’t actually. I’ve just been in some kind of a hell. Thanks to Ishamael for covering last week. No thanks to Ishamael for forgetting to cover for me the week before (haha, I’m kidding).


Friends, how have things been? Do you know, and I’m guessing you do, that September is in just a few days? It is! IT IS. And that means, games. Games. Games. In fact, it’s already begun. Control released yesterday and Astral Chain will hit at the end of the week. I got neither of those because I’m trying to be very good. I’m saving money!

Never you mind I forgot Collection of Mana released yesterday and I pre-ordered it. And when Hotline Miami finally got announced for Switch last week, I went ahead and rebought my favourite games for the fourth time without second thought. Or that I’m eyeballing the Grandia collection Switch. I haven’t played those and I’ve always wanted to.

ANYWAY. I’m playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. That is what I’m focusing on, damn everything else that comes out between now and the next time a game shows up at my house that I forgot I ordered/forgot the release date.




If you could be so kind as to remind me...Monster Hunter: World: Iceborne is coming out when again?


Here are your suggested time related topics:

  • What year was the best for gaming that you can remember? Like, maybe a ton of stuff came out at once that you wanted. Was it last year? This year, maybe? Or is it next spring when everything drops in March?!
  • What’s a game that surpassed your expectations?
  • What game ate up all your time this year?

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