I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/
From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Oh boy, (Or girl!) do I feel out of the loop! I’ve arrived at work today after being free from it for 3 whole weeks. Although the last week I was in bed and sick the whole time. Everything at work just feels like a mystery now coming back. “Who are these people? What do I even do here? Will they even notice if I flee?” I ponder, probably, but not certainly.


Being in bed at least gave me a lot of time to play video games. After I came back home from Christmas I bought Shantea: 1/2 Genie hero. It was a short but sweet platformer. If the 2D graphics appeals to you as much as it does to me I recommend it!

I also bought Deadly Premonition, a game I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Unfortunately I’ve not gotten far at all with it despite spending around 10 hours. Because the PC version just wont stop crashing. I did buy it knowing full well it was a bad port, and I can put up with the poor frame rate and the other of the million issues it has. But the game has so few save points so it’s so easy to loose hours of progress in one crash. As much as I tried, eventually I just gave up. I would really like to continue it someday if I can fix that.

Other than that I’ve been playing a lot of Dayz. One day I should really write a longer piece on Dayz. As I have a mixed relationship with that game, and overall it’s just a fun game to talk about. A part of me hopes that when I do that I can give it the headline “Dayz is finally worth your time” because I really want to see the developers deliver. And with the recent patch they added right before Christmas I can say that the game is a step closer towards that. It’s still very much in-development, but I feel the patch has made the enjoyable and intensive parts of Dayz more frequent and the world feels less empty. One of the new things in the game are packs of wolves. The first new enemy type other than zombies. Here you can see my first encounter with them:

So thats a week of games from me. Here are some topics: 

  • Have you ever bought a game that you knew was bad, or “so bad it’s good?” Or maybe a version of a game the you knew was going to be inferior to other platforms.
  • Tell us about a game you have love/hate relationship with.
  • GAMES!!!
  • ... Or you can just talk about anything. Even if it’s not related to games. I wont stop you. :(

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