I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Old friends.

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I drew something else in Vrchat. :)

Hi Tay!

Yesterday I meet two old friends that were in town. One of them I have some small contact with, the other one I had not meet in like 11 years and we ended on pretty bad terms. Long story short I kinda figured out he was lying idiot that been telling all sorts of crazy things that I believed in. Despite that the meeting went pretty well I had an decent time with them talking about memories. What strikes me though is how it all seemed like more significant for them, more so than for me. I don’t really consider my teenage life that happy, and the friends I have from back then kinda reminds me of that. Not that I have a grudge towards them or anything. Just that is not the sort of people I would hang with these days. Moved on and so on.


Which is awkward when they are talking about “gathering the gang back together” or a bunch of things similar to that that I don’t really care about. There is just too much emotional luggage for me there. I think they kinda notice my skepticism towards that because they started to talk about how it’s important to maintain old friendships. Of course I can sort of understand why they feel like this, because they are all living in the same town while I have moved far away to another city 10 years ago. So that group of friends that I left is still of some importance to them.

I have always admired when people mentioned that they have been friends since childhood, because for me that seems pretty awesome that doesn’t have any contact with people from that long ago, but meeting them yesterday I have to say that I am kinda glad that I have moved on. Because it has forced me to get to know new people that I can be social with in different ways which I think has really made me grow as a person. Grown enough to know that some relationship isn’t special just because they are old ones.


Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Mention a friend that you were close at some point, but not anymore. How did it end? Do you miss it? 
  • If you could IRL friends with some game character, which one would it be?
  • Or talk about anything.

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