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Greetings Tay!

Today (Monday) was an interesting day for me. As some of you might know I work at a jail, which I try to converse about in small proportions and only in general terms because of reasons. But today I can pretty much talk about the whole day in great details. Because I was at a course in using pepper spray.


This involved 2 tests. One written one. And one where you took the pepper substance on your finger and then smeared it into your eyes. Similar to getting sprayed. Then you had to defend yourself against an attack for 90 seconds and handcuff him.

I had mentally prepared myself for this the entire weekend. It’s hard to know how you would actually react. When I got there I just wanted to get the whole thing over with so when the final test arrived I managed to become the second one to do it.

People react differently to it but for me it was a pretty extreme burning feeling to the eyes. When you get it in your eyes it hits you so fast. The pain was tremendus. But I was surprised at myself how I manged to do test rather smoothly.

Although afterwards your realize that the actual test was just the easy part. Because cleaning it takes a while, and you are in pain the whole time. So you become rather desperate to make it go away. There was a bucket of water and I just sank my head directly into it and stayed there for a while. The worst part is that when you clean it some of the substance that got stuck above your eye will sink down and the pain will come back again.


But I felt like I managed to stay calm and take deep breaths, at the end I became rather giggly because everything was just so ridicules how the pain kept going, and seeing all my colleagues one by one go into panic after doing the test. That felt kinda rude, but that was how I reacted. In the end I passed the whole thing, which was a big relief.

The crazy thing was however afterwards when I got home and started to play vrchat. (Yeah, using a vr headset might not be a great idea, but I felt fine.) Proudly I told a guy that I’ve been chatting with a few times about the whole thing. Then he told me that he aswell has been sprayed with pepper spray. He described the pain “almost as bad as that one time he got shoot several of times.”



...Hmmm, perspectives.

So today I felt like talking about pain.

  • What is the most painful thing you experienced?
  • Is there any sort of education, test or course you are extra proud that you passed?
  • Or talk about anything.

Also, I finished Red Dead Redemption this weekend. I liked it! The ending sucked though, because the screen was all blurry from all the tears. 

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