I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Good morning Tay!

My birthday is in two week, and because of that I did something completely HORRIFYING. I created an event on Facebook.


It is always scary to try get a bunch of people together. Most of the times things goes well, but when you have created the event on facebook everyone will see if it is a failure. Often I make sure some people will join before I create it. But this time I did want to do as little planning as possible. So I created an event that said “It is my birthday. Anyone wanna hang out at this gaming themed bar with me?”. Then I stumble upon a new problem. Who should I invite? I have a handful of friends who are a obvious pick. But beyond that things get tricky. Do I invite coworkers? I don’t really think most of them wanna be at that sort of bar. So ended up skipping inviting them. Should I invite boyfriends/girlfriends of friends? I ended up doing that for some but I feel like it is obvious partners are allowed to come. Then there is friends of friends. I’m kinda close that one guy who has his birthday on the same day as me. Should I invite him? Yeah, he is probably busy but if he wanna join he can. I ended up inviting 19 people. But was hoping that around 5-6 would actually join. No more, no less. Feels like a big enough group that could still fit around a table.

And so far it looks like that is exactly how many that is gonna come. 6 people have said yes. So things are looking good. But I’m still nervous people will cancel it, or if too many joins.


I just know this will stress me out for 2 weeks before it finally happens. XD

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  •  Are you a party fixer?
  • What silly thing do you worry about right now? (It does not have to be a silly thing.)
  • What do you prefer, Night clubs, bars, restaurants or other? (Do you have a favorite place?) 
  • Or talk about anything.

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