I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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This took me far longer than it should. It was hard to find a good comic panel.
This took me far longer than it should. It was hard to find a good comic panel.

Howdy Tay!

Today I’m hoping my copy of Spiderman will arrive in the mail before I get home from work. (I guess that’s around the time this is published. So if it did I send a photo of cute Skunk in the comments. Otherwise if it didn’t, I’ll send a random gif I can find of John hurt. If you respond to any of those comments with a funny gif I will make a happy face.) I wasn’t that excited for Spiderman before it came out, but after reading a bunch of reviews it does seem like an alright game. I’m also free of work the next two days so seemed like a good time to try it. It better be good though! Otherwise I will be sad not using the money for the new Tomb Raider instead. Which is looking mighty awesome.


Ordering it did make me realize how rarely I buy physical copies of games. I did buy PS4 and 4 games with it last year. But after finishing them I haven’t really touched my PS4 after that.I’m just too much of a PC person these days. The last physical copy I bought for a PC game was Witcher 1, it’s just not any point in doing it unless Valve all the suddenly burns to the ground. Which it probably wont.

Damn. I didn’t really have much to say today.

With that said, here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • What do you play games on the most currently? PC or a certain console?
  • Was there ever a time you consider yourself an fanboy of a certain company? The bad kind of fanboy I mean. Are you still perhaps extremely loyal to a certain company?
  • Have you played Spiderman so far? What is your thoughts. If not, I did mention Tomb Raider above, played them? Looking forward to the new game?
  • Or Talk About Anything.

I keep coming back to Night in the woods...

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