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TAY: Open Forum - "Perfect Launch" Edition

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Hello! What’s good, TAY? How is everyone?

There’s an Animal Crossing direct today. What new cards will be revealed and updated features to New Leaf will be made? How will Nintendo try to lure me back to my forsaken town (Isabelle hasn’t done anything in my absence, I’m sure).


This is cruel because what I really want is a new Animal Crossing entry. The good thing about the series is that it can go years without another, and that way I won’t get bored. But it’s been over three at this point, and it’s time. It’s time for the new tools of Happy Home Designer to be put into the next entry. It’s time for a new life and a new town, where I can live happily for months.

And then, it’d be time to abandon that place like I do all the others.

I’m ready to be a terrible citizen all over again.

For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • The Nintendo Switch releases next March. We can hazard a guess and say there’s a new Mario at launch. Zelda is slated for release. Which 5 games/series would you love to see at launch?
  • Let’s do the same for Sony and Microsoft. Let’s pretend they both announced brand spanking new consoles. Which 5 games/series would you love to see at launch?
  • Of past systems, which had the best launch title(s)?

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