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Hiya Tay!

Today I called a friend of mine to say that if she needs someone to take care of her cat now and then I would be interested. She asked me if I was thinking of getting a cat, and the answer was no. I don’t really want a pet on full time. But wouldn’t mind getting visits.


When I was really young mu dad had a cat. Then later both he and my mom (They have always been divorced for me.) got dogs around the same time. I used to take care of them a lot. It was just something nice with having someone who really looked forward to you coming home and giving it attention.

I think I prefer dogs to cats in general. But I would NEVER get a dog with my current work situation. I wouldn’t really get a dog if I didn’t know I could provide a perfect home for it. I can get really annoyed with people who gets a dog without really considering the environment for the dog. Like if you for example work 11 hours a day, or just bought a Husky to please the kids and thought they look cool. It can really grind my gears.

I used to have a roommate who had a dog. Who I kinda quietly judged harshly on this. She got a dog when she was like 19-20 with her then boyfriend. And now she lived this student-lifestyle often leaving the dog alone for too long because of work and such. I have never told her that I actually went out with her dog on walks quite often. I just felt to bad about being in the same apartment with it without doing anything. But I didn’t want her to rely on me because I was clear on that if she moves in she needs to take care of it herself. I don’t really miss her living in the same apartment. But I did kinda like partly taking care of a pet without any actual responsibilty.

But yeah anyway. Todays suggested subject is about pets/animals.

  • Do you own pets? Or have you had it at some point?
  • What animal would you like to try take care of or work with? Imagine having a work at a zoo, or something similar that gave you time and resources work with any sort of animal.
  • If you got to spend a week as an another animal, what would it be?
  • Or talk about anything.


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