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I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Phasmophobia

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Screenshot: You may think this is Half-life, NOOPE, this to is Vrchat.

Greetings Tay!

During the weekend I spent a lot of time playing and streaming the recently popular game Phasmophobia. For people who don’t know, it is a 4 player coop game for PC. It is in early access and only developed by one guy. In it you try to find evidence of ghost activates in a haunted house and then escape before the ghost kills you. It is very inspired by reality shows where people are hunting for ghosts. Always thought those shows were crap. But hey, I’m just a skeptical person.


Despite being a bit rough around the edges the games current version is a lot of fun to play with friends. It is a downright scary game with game design that often force you to split the team up and explore dark rooms yourself. How the ghost act in each game varries depending on which type of ghost it is. So it is unpredicable. At least as far as I’ve played. Which do add to the horror.

Another aspect of the game that I enjoy is that it works with VR. In many ways I think this a great VR game that other developers should take notice of. For one, it is not an action game. Action in VR gets too much space in my opinion. Firing guns and such in VR can be fun, but… The hardware other uses than that. Half-Life: Alyx saw this I think since the action in the game is pretty limited compared to other Half-life games, and there is a lot more focus on exploring and solving puzzles. In a similar way Phasmophobia in is nothing but exploring buildings.


Also in Phasmophobia the VR is optionalable. I love VR, and I want to see more games for it. But I can see why developers don’t do VR games. The market is still rather small. Therefor I think some games should instead offer it as an option. Especially in a multiplayer game like this one. It just gives a lot more people a chance to try the game. I can imagine Phasmophobia will inspire some people to get VR on their own after they see people use it in the game. I’ve seen this in Vrchat. I meet a bunch of people who started to play the game on desktop and then bought VR because they enjoyed the game so much.

Anyway. Here are some suggested topics for today:

  • Do you own VR? Or are you interested in buying it? Why/why not? 
  • Played Phasmophobia? Thoughts? If not, any other scary games you been eyeing or played? 
  • Ever been in an area that people claim is haunted? Would you dare sleep in a ”haunted house”? Had some sort of experiance you can’t explain?
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  • Or talk about anything.

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