I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Let me tell you a story TAY. As you may know, I've been documenting the Tabletop RPG campaign I'm a part of here on TAY. Last session, a really important moment happened. The entire atmosphere of the campaign shifted. We were on a fancy luxury liner spaceship attending a galactic political summit. We were there to obtain some sort of cyber weapon that was going to be used to disrupt the conference. We found we were looking for, but unfortunately the big bad guy showed up and blew the ship, and the majority of a fleet, up with a giant bomb. We managed to escape, but the whole tone of the plot going forward has been shifted (and knowing out amazing GM, DragonStorm247, it will most definitely shift again).

Anyway, I am going somewhere with this. Many shows, games, and movies have that kind of a moment, a moment that changes everything. So my question is, what are some of your favorite shows, games, movies, or other things that have moments like that? This is dangerously close to spoiler territory, so that's why I didn't ask you to share the specific moments. If you do want to talk about those, be sure to leave a spoiler warning so you don't ruin someone's day. And as always, if you don't like the topic feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like.

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