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I know you're all probably tired of hearing me complain about all the snow in Boston but being cooped up inside all the time is getting to me, man! I've basically been outside three times in about three weeks! It's like some sort of cabin fever or something. I don't feel like doing anything and I feel so uninspired to write anything. It was so hard coming up with a topic for today! I had to get help on the GS last night so we would have a Forum today!

I will finally be going in to work for the first time in three weeks. Most of the team has been working from home due to the weather. It will be nice to get out for an extended period of time in an open area. I think it will help me clear my head. And then I'll wrap up the day with my weekly pizza night!

So have some topics! What are your strategies for combating cabin fever? What's your favorite kind of Pizza? If you could put anything you wanted on your pizza, no matter how weird or crazy, what would you pick? If a large whale came to you in the middle of the night through your bedroom window and asked you if you would sign a petition to outlaw whaling in your state, would you sign the petition? Neryl suggested that last one as a topic in the GS last night and it was too ridiculous not to include! As always, if you don't feel like talking about this stuff, Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like!

If you really want a challenge, write a short story based on these three things: Pizza, Whales, and Cabin Fever!


Here's your Morning Jam!

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