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Hello TAY’ers!

How is everyone? I’m sleepy. I’ve been sleepy for days. Not a whole lot going on with me at the moment and my brain is tired, so I can’t think of a good topic either. So I’d like you all to be super quiet today while I think of something.


I’ll get back to you guys. Really.

In the meanwhile, if you wanted to talk about how you spe...OMG, wait, what? There’s going to be a Cowboy Bebop Live Action series?!


Ugh. Insert your “this is Firefly” jokes here. Or whatever. Me? No, thanks. No Bebop. Leave the space cowboys alone.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Your thoughts on the Live Action Cowboy Bebop series?
  • Which games should never be remade? I’m talking a game that might lose its charm being brought into a full remake a la FFVII Re-make. (or maybe you think it’s a great idea! I’m reserving judgment until I play)
  • Which games would you like to see a remake of?

Still the best.

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