I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Please, No Pictures At This Time" Edition

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Hey TAY!

Kinja’s being a super headache at the moment. I can’t put pictures in. Maybe by tomorrow when I check back, I’ll be able to do something about it but for now, let’s imagine the header image is one of the bloodiest The Witcher 3 shots I could find—one where I did some slow mo execution of a bandit and it was off with his head. Did I think he deserved such a fate, even though he battered me with a mace and laughed about it? ...no. Uncalled for. I can restart my save file. That bandit cannot. And to add insult to injury, I robbed him of his chicken sandwich. I’m not sorry though about that part because why let a good chicken sandwich go to waste.


I only hope the chicken was cooked properly. In the world of the Witcher 3, I’m not so sure.

[Edit: It works! Somehow... I had to plug it in from a different PC. Which is worrying! Very troubling, indeed. Anyway, no violent pictures of The Witcher 3 for this forum. Just the violent witcher who commits such acts (but also goes looking for missing goats and gives starving kids food, like a good guy). My Geralt is quite the enigma. Moody.


Here are your suggested topics:

  • I’m finally playing The Witcher and it is everything I thought it would be. I dunno how I know that considering I stayed away from reading anything about it but somehow, I just figured open world RPG (should be noted I haven’t actually played too many of this genre but I supposed I’ve seen a few of the bigger ones), this seems about right. That doesn’t mean it’s not good though—it is (and I haven’t even gotten far in the main story) but it got me thinking: What’s the most “it was just okay” game you played this year? I’m having mixed feelings about Creature in the Well and I don’t feel inclined to finish it. It’s honestly the first game I played this year that has me with these feelings, and I played a lot so far! Or maybe, what’s your least favourite game you played this year? The releases have been so dynamite that if you had to cull a list, which wouldn’t make a top 3?
  • What’s the most fun game you played this year? Some games are just great but not necessarily fun, you know? Since games can do so many things—make you cry, keep you on the edge of your seat etc. What was just genuinely fun?
  • Playing any “spooky” games for October?
  • Happy October! What’s for lunch eats?

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