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TAY: Open Forum - "Popcorn. Peanuts." Edition

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Finally! That temptress box of Moose Munch I got for Christmas is done. All that caramel and cashew goodness... Mmm [insert Homer Simpsons drool gift here]


Hello TAY, how is everyone? I trust you’re all awesome. Re-working your potential purchases on your radar for the year now that we have all this Switch info in front of us. I know I’ve been shuffling my wants around. Surprisingly, it’s a small list and that’s good because Persona 5 is still the major focus for the year as of now.

But woof! All those peripherals I may need for the Switch are just nuts! NUTS, I SAY. But maaaan, that Switch pro controller felt so sweet... Nope! Focus, Z! No Switch Pro controller for you!

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • Given The Switch details, are you firmly in the camp of “Sorry, Nintendo...you’re not getting my money.”?
  • If you are getting a switch: grey or neon? And what games are Day One buys or which interest you?
  • Nuts. Do you agree Cashews are king? You do? You’re the best. Oh and you love Moose Munch? What a pal.
  • Cashews>pistachios>hazels>almonds>Brazillian>peanuts. Discuss!

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