I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum: Prime Edition

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Hello there!

I shall be covering for Zarnyx as she is recovering from head banging too hard(or so I’m guessing).


So Amazon Prime Day ended and while it’s generally considered a day of sub-par deals, I think I got something pretty damn good.

For £20 I got fifteen months of PS+, which is usually £70. Now to me that’s an absolute steal so overall I’m pretty happy with it.


Besides from that I bought a bunch of miscellaneous stuff for my month long trip across Europe. You know, microfibre towels, adaptors, locks, etc. The boring stuff.

Game wise, I’ve been splitting my time between Warframe(someone play with me pls), Hyrule Warriors and Skyrim VR. I can’t believe I bought Skyrim for the third time. Dammit Todd Howard you did it again. I have to admit it’s really fun to play it even with just the controller. I have yet to get the move controllers but hopefully soon I will. I bought SuperHotVr too so I can’t wait to get the controllers to play it.


Here’s my questions for you folks today:

• Did you get anything during Prime Day?

• What game would you love to play in VR, real or not?

• If you’re going on a month long journey, what game would you take with you to help pass the traveling time?


• Today is National Hot Dog day! How do you like your hot dogs?

Ooooooooooooooooor Talk Amongst Yo Fine Ass Selves.

Here’s a song to kickstart your day!

Magic City - Gorillaz

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