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Hello TAY! Guess what I get to do today? Well today I get to go to the tag agency to get my registration for my car renewed! Last time I was there taking care of my brother’s vehicle the queue reached out the door. I’m hoping the government queue god has mercy on me and because the only time sunscreen should have to be an option for queuing should be for rollercoasters, not stupid government agencies.

So, that’s our topic for today: queues. Or, as we Muricans call it, standing in a damn line. Do you hate them (who doesn’t?), stood in one for waaaay too long or, got an epic midnight launch “waiting in line” story which you met the love of your life? Well feel free to share!

If queue talk isn’t your jam, well feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves about anything! Maybe even one of these morning jams:

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