I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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You know sometimes a Collector’s Edition of some game comes out, and you just really want it? Even though years later you may wonder why the hell it is you wanted that rubbish in the first place? I have probably amassed quite the number of useless things. Will that stop me from wanting even more useless junk in the future?



Did I really need a business card holder and a hostess card from Yakuza 0's Business edition pre-order release? No. Did I really need whatever Digimon’s latest game was trying to give me? No. Because I don’t have these things, am I just telling myself these lies to make myself feel better about myself? Yes.

For Today’s Suggested Topic(s):

  • February 1st, TAY. What are your gaming plans for the month? Are you participating in Four in Feb? Let’s talk about it.
  • What’s your favorite game related possession you own? Could be an obscure shirt reference, a Kirby pencil. Anything. Fancy but ugly as sin Final Fantasy glasses? Sure. Those, too.
  • What pre-order bonus item or limited edition you just had to have but now you’re having regrets? Tucked away in a drawer. Digital weapon that meh...whatever. Or what’s the one you wanted a whole lot but missed your chance?

As always, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves if ain’t nobody got time for ragrats. Don’t forget that the Discord Chatroom is always around too for continuing, real-time conversations. If you wanted to give an admin, author, and/or friend a shout to tell them you love them and appreciate their internet availability: You can find them on the DirecTAYry.

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