I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Hi Tay!

I noticed that Madoka Magica was on avaliable on Netflix. (It has probably been available forever in America, the swedish netflix sucks by comparison.) So I started to rewatch it. It is a really enjoyable show to watch still. For those who don’t know Madoka Magica is a anime that is sort of a dark deconstruction of the Magical girl genre in anime. It starts of as a children show but increasingly becomes a lot more sinister. It is interesting to rewatch because knowing the big twists you can view the first episodes in a whole new way. Certain dialogues and hints becomes a lot more clear of what is to become.


I don’t usually rewatch tvseries. I can’t really think of many I have. I tried rewatch Game of thrones and I at least made it to the end of season 1. But after that I just got tired of it. So I think that speaks a lot for how much I like Madoka Magica. Because this is like the fourth time I rewatch it. It also helps that it is a pretty short series. I talked here before how much I feel it has inspired me in many ways so I wont go to much into that. But I want to say that I am glad that it is on Netflix, because that makes it slightly easier to recommend for people to watch. Because damn. It is a hard show to recommend. How do you tell adults they should watch this:

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I mean that looks hideous. Even for me who knows the context around it. I own the DVDs. But it is not something I keep out in the open. Which is a shame because I know it is a show a lot of people would like if they gave it a shoot. I managed to convince one friend to watch it and he got through the whole thing in one sitting. But if I recommend it now to someone who has Netflix it is at least convenient for them to find out about it. Yay for capitalism!

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What game, movie or tvshow have you rewatch/played several of times? Feel free to give several of answers.
  •  If you could relive one specific moment in your life what would it be? Would you try to change it? 
  • Or talk about anything.

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